This page is for people having trouble veiwing the site!

Here are some Q & A’s or FAQ’s!

I can’t see or hear the audio clips!

Make sure you have the latest version of Flash (v10) installed on your computer. Also make sure that Javascript is enabled in your browser. Javascript is used on this site to enhance your experience i.e. When you click on a TAB in the lessons area it will enlarge the image in a pleasing fashion!

Also make sure your browser (that’s the thing that let’s you view the interwebness!) is up to date with the latest version!

Google Chrome on Windows has some problems with the audio player. It’s only new, so be patient.

What’s up with RSS feeds in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome doesn’t have a built in RSS reader. Poor! You can use Google Reader if you like Google so much.

There are plenty of RSS readers out there or you can use a browser that can read and bookmark RSS feeds like Firefox and Safari. They’re free!

Your site looks s*%t in Internet Explorer 6! Why?

Because Internet Explorer 6 is S*%T, that’s why! Microsoft’s worst ever piece of software! It’s unsafe, lacks support for web standards and has held the internet back for too long! Dump it and get a proper browser!!!

Why do I suck at guitar?

Because you just don’t practice enough grasshopper!

Who made your lovely website?

The site was lovingly constructed by guitar god and all round nice guy Toby Pitman. If you would like him to make you a website too you can contact Crouch End Media. He accepts hard cash or vintage guitar and amps!