Martin Goulding new columnist for Guitar Interactive Magazine

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I’m very pleased to announce that I have been invited to join Guitar Interactive magazine as monthly columnist. It gives me great honour to be on the team producing one of the worlds premier online guitar magazines, working alongside such great players as Tom Quayle and Rick Graham. The title of my column is ‘Modern Rock Techniques,’ and I’ll be starting in Issue 25 with a solo study i’ve named ‘Hard Rocker,’ inspired by players like¬† Steve Vai and Tony Macalpine, and which features a free downloadable hard-rock/metal style backing track. Then from Issue 26 onwards I’ll start breaking down the main techniques in the style, starting with a series of lessons concentrating on Legato playing, including tapping and sweeping techniques, combined as an overall legato-based style.


I took a trip over to the Lick Library/Guitar Interactive Magazine HQ in Romford, Essex for the first video recording session earlier this month, special thanks to Levi Clay, Kim, James and Rich for making me feel welcome. Great studio and camera/recording gear, a little more elaborate than what i’m used to in my own environment! I decided to take my Axe FX II and Ibanez J CRG-2 TB,¬† which I’ve just had a set of Bare Knuckle VH IIs and a 63 Veneer Board installed and which sounded great, although i used the bridge pick up only for the session to get a more cutting Vai-ish legato tone! After a full day session I managed to finish the solo study along with the first three legato lessons. Rock! The first article should be published in a month or so, stay tuned for news!


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