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I’m very pleased to announce that i have been invited to put some lessons together for my friends at I have known Emir Hot since around 2004 when he came to study in London at The Guitar Institute, going on to win the Guitar Hero competition in 2005 and touring as an artist for Lion Music, playing alongside drummer Mike Terrana (Rage, Gamma Ray, Yngwie Malmsteen, Tony Macalpine etc) and rock vocalist John West (Yngwie Malmsteen, Artension, Royal Hunt, Lynch Mob and Michael Lee Firkins amongst others). Emir is an amazing player and has been heavily involved as tutor and director alongside Jim Jaming at Live4guitar providing a site dedicated to free licks, tips and tricks including a free lick from my first solo study “On the Beach”  and which links to the marketplace, where there is a range of tuition products for sale by a range of teachers and contributors covering different styles.

See my first solo study “On the Beach” here! Inspired by players like Reb Beach and in general hard-rock players of the mid to late 1980′s with an emphasis on legato, tapping and bending/ vibrato techniques and which is viewable for free and is sold as a package including HD videos of the solo at full speed, half speed, 10 minute long breakdown video lesson, all tabs as Guitar Pro files as well as PDFs, and a set of backing tracks at different speeds to be used as you work through the study. Gear wise, i used my customised Ibanez RG550 Ltd with a DiMarzio Tone Zone in the bridge and Air Norton in the neck, into an Axe FX-II set up with a Marshall JCM800/Tubescreamer type sound and then through a Matrix GT1000FX poweramp into a pair of CFR12′s for monitoring and via an apogee ensemble soundcard direct to Logic. For video, a canon 60D with a 50mm/ 1.4 lens into FCPX for editing.

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