Dragon’s Fury neo-classical solo study now available from Live4guitar.com

Dragon's Fury Thumb

My second solo study for Live4guitar.com, “Dragon’s Fury” is now available and can be previewed here on the marketplace for free! There is also a free lick which is available for download here! The full package includes fast and slow high definition video demonstrations, along with a 10 minute video breakdown/lesson. Also included is a high quality audio backing track with a set of midi versions at slower speeds, and with all tabs presented in Guitar Pro format as well as PDF’s.

This solo takes influence from the neo-classical rock style, which gained popularity from Yngwie Malmsteen’s groundbreaking 1984 debut, Rising Force. From the mid to late-1980s, this fast melodic style gained popularity on the guitar instrumental scene, with players such as Vinnie Moore, Tony Macalpine, Paul Gilbert, Jason Becker and Marty Friedman developing the new modern rock techniques to their highest levels. Based around the A harmonic minor scale/E Phrygian dominant mode, the solo features alternate picking and sweeping techniques along with an emphasis on accurate bending and vibrato. Gear wise, i used my customised Tokai 1984 Goldstar, which can be seen as the fifth guitar down here on the gear page, going into the Axe-FX II and set up with a Brit Super (Marshall AFD100)/Tubescreamer type sound, with the Matrix GT1000FX poweramp and CFR12′s for monitoring. The sound also output from the Axe into an Apogee Ensemble soundcard straight to a mac running Logic. All video done with a Canon 60D and then into FCPX.


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