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My third solo study for, “Thrashed” is now available and can be previewed here on the marketplace for free! The full package includes fast and slow high definition video demonstrations, along with a 10 minute video breakdown/lesson. Also included is a high quality audio backing track with a set of midi versions at slower speeds, and with all tabs presented in Guitar Pro format as well as PDF’s.

This solo takes influence from the Thrash metal style, which gained popularity from the early-mid 1980s with bands like Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax. Based around an uptempo 8th note feel with a choppy down-stroke riff, the solo combines some blues-based E minor pentatonic ideas, with some more modern sounding E Dorian 3-notes-per-string scalar runs. Throughout the solo there is an emphasis on accurate bending and wide vibrato, along with a focus on alternate picking, rapid fire pentatonic repetitions and legato. Gear wise, i used my Ibanez J Custom, which can be seen as the first guitar here on the gear page, going into the Axe-FX II and set up with a Brit Super (Marshall AFD100)/Tubescreamer type sound, with the Matrix GT1000FX poweramp and CFR12′s for monitoring. The sound also output from the Axe into an Apogee Ensemble soundcard straight to a mac running Logic. All video done with a Canon 60D and then into FCPX.

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