Yngwie Malmsteen Special Feature by Martin Goulding

Yngwie thumb

Back in July 2005, I was given the honour of interviewing one of my own main early influences, Yngwie Malmsteen. This was my first professional job for Guitar Techniques magazine and along with my good friend Charlie Griffiths who was writing for Total Guitar magazine, we met up with Yngwie at a hotel in Kensington, London, and spent a couple of hours talking guitar, and filming some incredible ‘off-the-cuff’ improv over some backing tracks i’d prepared.

The first solo 1 is based around the A harmonic minor/E Phrygian dominant sound, with Yngwie showcasing his trademark classically-influenced vocabulary of sweep arpeggios, alternate picked scale passages and screaming vibrato. The second solo 2 is played over a twelve bar progression in E, and is based around a Jimi Hendrix inspired vibe which Yngwie enjoys improvising over, often playing Spanish Castle Magic at his shows. This solo features some great E minor pentatonic playing, combined with some E Dorian and chromatic ideas, and demonstrates Yngwie’s hot rodded approach to the blues.

I’m pleased to present the un-edited video improvs for solos 1 and 2, along with solo transcriptions in Guitar Pro and PDF format, as well as the same backings Yngwie himself played over! (transposed down to E for convenience). Follow this link to go to the Special Features page, where you can see the lessons and download the whole package for free! Please remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel while you’re watching the videos! Rock!


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